San: The Short Script


This project explored the creative writing practice of screenwriting. How do I write an engaging thirty minute short film script?

Given the number of published approaches to writing for screen, combined with the personal nature of creative writing, research without practice cannot truly determine how an individual can write an engaging film of any length.

My project is a thirty minute short film script about an assassin, San, who executes the “bad” for the benefit of the greater good. It explores themes surrounding moral ambiguity and clashing worldviews.

The outcome has left me greater technical knowledge regarding the form of film, as well as an understanding of how to engage in the practice of screenwriting. The thirty-minute short film is practical evidence of my growth as a screenwriter. It is something I can make, or develop into a feature.

Below you will find a link to the exegesis of Chelvendra's short film script, submitted with the script for assessment as the major project undertaken during the Bachelor of Communication (Honours).

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