Actors for Human Rights Awareness Campaign


The process of “extraordinary rendition”, which is practiced by the CIA, is being sanctioned and accepted by other Western nations around the world, despite the fact that it flies in the face of the Geneva Convention and the Declaration of Human Rights. However, the issue is not widely publicised and many Britons are unaware of the problem. Actors for Human Rights UK aims to tell the stories of men who have been victims of extraordinary rendition, to humanise them in the eyes of the general population, who may not know the human cost of this practice. How can AFHRUK use a viral marketing campaign to further spread its message about the wrongs being done in the name of the War on Terror and, in turn, promote their own programs?


This project is a perfect opportunity for me to combine my two passions: filmmaking and politics.

Actors For Human Rights is an example of a way in which art can make a difference to the world, and I hope to contribute to that through this campaign.

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