Korean Pop Culture and New Masculinity in Singapore


Whereas once scholars of gender argued for an understanding of hegemonic masculinity, more recently Connell’s theory on hegemonic masculinity is nowadays not seen amongst young Chinese males in the twenty-first century in Singapore. There has been a clear and notable difference in the way males have been portrayed in the media in the past as compared to the present context, thus there has been a change in the images of masculinity. This matters because there has been an increasing trend seen in young males to be more metro-sexual. I will be focusing on the increasing popularity of the Korean Wave that has and is currently swiping the globe and examining the ‘Rain’ phenomenon and his influences to young males across Southeast Asia countries. The phenomenon in Korea and the changing images of masculinity in Korea and the impact it has created amongst the young Chinese males has created a new perception and alternative form of masculinity in Singapore.


From the thesis (available below as a PDF):

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