An Exploration of Fashion Writing in an Australian Context


Steamed dumplings at Miss Louise: an exploration of fashion writing in an Australian context, aims to look at fashion journalism from an academic, journalistic and creative writer’s point of view. Via three articles of writing, namely, Australian Style, Something’s gotten hold on my heart and The Bespectacled Androgyne; it demonstrates the usage of a combination of feature, fashion and literary writing techniques. This project also charts my progress to find my voice as a writer. Like all the good writers before me, writing that strikes a reader, like a dagger to the heart, are the ones that remain with one. And through the variety of articles, I sought to discover what made my writing personal and unique. In this project, I also set out to test the perimeters of fashion writing in an Australian context. With this understanding, I sought to push the boundaries in place, to alleviate the reader’s awareness towards a fashion culture and to highlight the crazy/beautiful that is fashion.

Australians all let us rejoice.
For we are young and free; in Bonds chestys to Zimmerman Bikinis.
We’ve golden soil and wealth for toil, elastic sided R.M. Williams boots
and cosy Country Road knits.
our home is girt by sea;
Billabong wetsuits, Quiksilver boardshorts and Mambo tee- shirts.
our land abounds in Nature’s gifts,

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