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Children's Live Action Drama


With the creation of a new digital channel for children, there is industry concern that it will become a dumping ground for repeats and international productions. It has been recognised that in order for the initiative to have value, the number of new children’s television programs being produced in Australia for Australian children needs to increase. By increasing development of productions that have both a television and internet outcome, we can help the initiative to improve the quality and availability of Australian television series for children as well as help the industry t grow and remain relevant in times that no longer recognise television as its primary form of entertainment consumption.


Don't Try This At Home: Television for Australian Children Aged Eight to Ten

Rubia Braun project

This project was interested in examining what could be an example of a ‘quality’ Australian Children’s television program. Limited research exists, which demonstrates what is important to take into consideration when creating a children’s television production. This project then, set about creating a television program based on research that was educational and entertaining, appealed to children, satisfied legislation, and took into consideration the viewpoints of parents and children’s television producers. This will give a practical example of what a quality Australian children’s television program could be.


supervisor: Leo Berkeley

This project consisted of a pilot episode of a children's television series, and an exegesis. The exegesis is available below as a PDF.

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