Cultural Hybridism in Taiwanese Television Variety Shows


This thesis will explore how Taiwanese variety television show 娛樂百分百 Yú Lè Bǎi Fēn Bǎi (YLBFB) absorbs and reflects local and regional cultural forms through sustained strategic hybridism. There is extensive research surrounding global and inter-Asia cultural flows, as well as a growing body of work exploring how nations domesticate international media while strategically creating pop cultural products with broad regional appeal. Scholars have recently begun to apply this research to Taiwanese drama and reality television genres, however there remains very little site- specific research within the complex and hybridised Taiwanese variety television mediascape. This research area is significant because Taiwanese variety shows are circulated extensively through out the East Asian region and are therefore embedded with hybrid cultural values. This study will closely analyse specific YLBFB episodes in order to identify how the local variety show utilises various elements of a discursive Asian popular culture to incorporate a regional audience, without losing its cultural authenticity.


From the thesis, which is available as a pdf below (as well as a separate and very extensive bibliography):

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