Scholarships, PhDs and how Honours helped

Ash completed honours in 2006 receiving First Class Honours, he applied and received a Commonwealth Government Postgraduate Research to undertake his PhD. This is his description of his experience of honours.

"In 2006 I was offered an opportunity to participate in a new honours program within RMIT University’s School of Applied Communication.

Labsome was a demanding and fulfilling year of discovery, learning and personal development, which provided me with the research skills and confidence to commence PhD research, within the inter-disciplinary fields of social, cultural and film studies.

With a sensible balance between guided and self-directed learning - complemented by the direction and support provided from a program leader and dedicated research supervisor - Labsome offers students the opportunity to undertake either traditional (thesis) or practice-based (project) research in a well-resourced and supportive environment.

My thesis was based upon a pre-existing interest in a contemporary filmmaker, whilst other students in my year sought to explore new ideas and practices - some of which led them to participate with organizations - leading them to develop contacts within industry.

Labsome was an important year in my life and I commend anyone interested in pursuing further research to explore the opportunities this program has to offer."