Still in Motion: A Video Translation of the Video Essay


Through a program of practice-based research, I investigate how the documentary photo-essay can be translated into a video form. Undertaking such a project will enable me to both combine the approaches of a still and moving-image practice, as well as exploring the integration of interaction and the spatial arrangement of video. Three interactive non-fiction video works will be designed and produced, each directly informed by the aesthetic and narrative affordances of the photo-essay. The making of these prototype ‘video-essays’ will be used to develop a model for further engagement with non-fiction video, in my own practice. In a broader context, this research will provide alternative approaches towards digital video production and publication.


From the exegesis (available below as a pdf):

I have long been involved in the study and production of the moving image. However, an important point in the development of my practice came, strangely enough, when I began to explore still photography. This started about two years ago, with the purchase of a digital SLR camera (DSLR1) and some haphazard attempts at street photography. At the time, photography and filmmaking were separate and isolated practices. One, in a casual attempt to capture glimpses of the everyday, was impulsive, open, and intimate. The other, halfway through a undergraduate degree of three point lighting, boom poles and dolly tracks, was intentional, considered, and constructed.

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