Moving pictures: The translation of culture from Hong Kong Cinema to Hollywood

Kris Kam Thesis

The cultures portrayed in films are lost in translation when the big Hollywood studios buy the rights and remake these movies.

Incorrect representation of cultures would result in inaccurate understanding of these cultures by the global audience whose main source of knowledge comes from these Western remakes of films. This might have been, amongst others, the cause of stereotypes amongst most of the large audience which has been accepting the inaccurate portrayals as accurate depictions

In this proposed thesis, I hope to take a deeper look into the stories and scripts that have since moved across the Pacific - remodeled/compromised, to allow a greater general understanding.There is a growing trend of Hollywood studios bringing in scripts and stories from Asia (*looking to go into focus – proposed area: Hong Kong cinema) and how the translation of culture is taking place as these studios look to remake the films while losing bits and pieces of the aforementioned culture.


supervisor: Catherine Gomes

The thesis is available as a pdf below.

Moving Pictures - The translation of Hong Kong cinema to Hollywood.pdf6.55 MB