Let's Do the Time Step Again


"Let's Do the Time Step Again" looks at the implications of media form on the ways that content is produced and received.

Through the production of two documentaries exploring stories and ideas of tap dance in Australia, the project compares the waysin which similar content can be used and disseminated in very different ways. The mode of documentary and a series of technologies have been used in order to demonstrate the differences between production and consumption of content.

The first documentary, an audio narrative designed for broadcast on traditional terrestrial radio consists of a single 20 minute soundscape. The second documentary is an interactive, non-linear piece, which requires interaction of the user for the content to be generated.


A pdf of the project exegesis is available below. The radio documentary is also available as a mp3 file below.

TimeStep Exegesis.pdf2.56 MB
timestepRADIODOCO.mp318.27 MB