Immersion Journalism


Immersion journalism uses personal experience as a method of research. This project consists of two pieces of feature writing using immersion as a journalistic methodology. These pieces are written for the “inspiring, nurturing, informing and empowering” magazine, Living Now. Journalism theory in relation to professional practice is contentious. Many see a discrepancy between the theory of striving for ‘truth’ or ‘objectivity’ and professional practice riddled with deadlines, commercial pressures and audience expectations. Immersion as a method of research moves away from traditional journalism in that it sacrifices the ‘illusion of objectivity’ in favour of conveying intimate emotion and atmosphere by using literary techniques.

The accompanying exegesis will: investigate immersion journalism techniques, history and theoretical debates; contain a literature review; include a publication profile and author guidelines for Living Now; document the projects activities; and critically reflect upon my project and its practice in relation to theory.

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