GetUp!: A Digital Media Communication Strategy


The research problem examined in this honours project considers Generation Y's perceived lack of knowledge with regard to a key social advocacy issue. It is often suggested members of Generation Y do not engage with social advocacy issues, yet it can be argues this perceived indifference is a response to a lack of relevantly disseminated information. In a reflection of Generation Y's extensive use of digital media, this project will see the development of a digital advertising campaign that informs this social grouping about a key social advocacy issue. The intention of this campaign is to educate young Australians about the value of social advocacy engagement. The honours project will be presented in the form of a 'pitch' document that would then be presented to a relevant 'real world' social advocacy client.


Research has shown a large number of Australians aged between 16-20 are not motivated to inform themselves about political issues, a social behaviour that ultimately affects the way in which this group votes in elections.

While this group is often seen as not caring about relevant issues, research indicates many are disengaged because they don’t know what information to look for or where to look for it. As this demographic grouping reacts strongly to digital media such as social media and viral marketing, I will be creating a digital based advertising campaign that aims to motivate 16-20 year olds to inform themselves about political issues.

The digital campaign will be executed for the client GetUp!, a not-for-profit organisation that aims to provide Australians with the tools to fight back and take innovative and effective action on important issues facing our country (GetUp 2009).

Because GetUp! believes that political parties and institutional politics have failed to inspire people or offer meaningful opportunities for participation, this organisation was seen as an appropriate ‘client’ for which to develop a youth focused political engagement campaign.

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