Future of Food

Veronica Ridge project

The project is a series of four articles, and one shorter story, written specifically for ‘Epicure’, the food and wine section of The Age newspaper. They were published on August 28, October 2 and October 23 (three articles). Each article was researched and written to give readers insight into current food trends and philosophical arguments in line with the project’s title, ‘Future of Food.’ The style of feature writing employed was designed to be suitable for publication in a number of metropolitan daily broadsheets and their food and wine sections. I judged this suitability on the basis of my own experience editing such sections and working in the industry over 34 years. Newspapers that have such sections include The Age, The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald (after publication on 23 October the Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Living section asked for permission to print ‘Moving up the Food Chain’). Other suitable sections within these newspapers would be Insight (The Age), The Inquirer (The Australian) or Spectrum (Sydney Morning Herald). I understand from information I have been given as editor of ‘Epicure’ 4 that the profile of ‘Epicure’ readers is heavily in the AB demographic, which means the readership is skewed towards those who earn more than the average wage and are tertiary qualified. Based on my experience, including 10 years as a section editor, I judge that when our readers pick up The Age they want a good read and are willing to set aside the time to mull over an interesting feature story. They expect to be told something they don’t already know so an important part of editing is identifying current food trends and issues and publishing writing that will capture their attention and inform them in an entertaining and compelling way.


supervisor: Margaret Simons

This project consisted of four published newspaper articles (as detailed in the abstract). Due to copyright restrictions these are not duplicated here, however they are available in any library that holds copies of The Age, and maybe available via http://www.theage.com.au/news/epicure/

The exegesis is not available here due to the commercial in confidence material it covers (it deals with a specific professional working environment).