A Friend in Need

Claire Fiddian thesis

In Australia’s contemporary media climate, lobbying for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) by support group Friends of the ABC in the face of a senate-controlling and culturally hostile federal government, would perhaps appear futile.

Although committed to maintaining an independent public broadcaster which is free from government influence, Friends of the ABC seem to have a limited public profile. The group consists mainly of members over fifty years of age, with limited awareness of their aims, or even existence, by Australian youth.

This project will examine key developments in the thirty-year history of Friends of the ABC, and look at whether the group has been effective in raising awareness of, and lobbying support for, the ABC.

A critical analysis of Friends of the ABC will be formulated, one that identifies the group’s achievements and challenges over its lifetime, as well as the issues it will face in future years.


A PDF of this project is available below.

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