Format Wars: Developing a multiple format publishing model for independent comic book creators.


The creation and publication of media objects has been altered significantly with the emergence of new media technologies, providing fresh challenges to media makers across a range of mediums, including the comic book.

My interest in the Comic Book medium can be traced back to my childhood. Immersed in cartoons, television, film and popular culture from a young age, I was led to the comics from where many of these forms drew their ideas. The highly stylised Batman Animated Series (1992-1995) created by Alan Burnett and Bruce Timm is one work in particular, I would credit with sparking this early interest in the medium. A series that provided an introduction to the major comic icons, which then developed into a collection of the books themselves. While my awareness of comics dwindled over the proceeding years, a re-introduction to the medium in the early stages of my university education has since shaped my aim of working professionally in the medium as an independent comic book writer and publisher.


Independent comic book publishing has been altered significantly with the emergence of new media technologies, with a wide range of print and digital publishing formats now available to creators in the medium. While each of these formats are being used by creators and publishers in various ways, there is no widely accepted method for using multiple comic book formats in unison as part of a comprehensive publishing model.

Through a combination of medium specific research and the process of publishing my own original graphic novel, I will explore the advantages of a range of print and digital publication formats available to independent comic book creators. This process will also lead to the development of an independent publishing model for the medium focussing upon the use of multiple comic book formats in a complimentary fashion.

Independent comic book creators with a comprehensive understanding of publishing formats and distribution options in the digital age are ahead of the curve in being able to advance their media careers and position their works successfully in the comic book marketplace.

This project's exegesis and the project itself are available as PDFs below.

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