Disability and the Press


There are no enforceable print journalism guidelines in Victoria on how to write about disability in an accurate and appropriate way. While systems of care have changed over the past 30 years, it is argued that a lack of knowledge in journalism about what language should be used, can lead to outdated disability-focused reporting. Adopting the Disability Council of New South Wales Media Guidelines (1994) on media reporting, this portfolio of feature articles, for a Victorian newspaper, examines how media guidelines influence journalistic writing practice. It offers an alternative method of reporting disability, for journalists to refer to when seeking to improve media representations of disability.


This project based research consists of a portfolio of feature length articles and a long exegesis. The research problem was about how print journalism could, and should, represent disability. The portfolio and exegesis are available as PDF's below.

Final portfolio 20.10.pdf6.98 MB
Final exegesis and appendice 20.10.pdf7.45 MB