This is a listing of all the research undertaken within the labsome program.

A Friend in Need

In Australia’s contemporary media climate, lobbying for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) by support group Friends of the ABC in the face of a senate-controlling and culturally hostile federal government, would perhaps appear futile.

Actors for Human Rights Awareness Campaign

The process of “extraordinary rendition”, which is practiced by the CIA, is being sanctioned and accepted by other Western nations around the world, despite the fact that it flies in the face of the Geneva Convention and the Declaration of Human Rights. However, the issue is not widely publicised and many Britons are unaware of the problem.

Advocacy Journalism: Rethinking Bias, Balance and Neutrality

What follows is a folio of three first-person journalistic features I wrote in my honours year,1 and an exegesis that gives a reflective analysis of these features.

Al-Qaeda: From 'The Base' to Global Database

Al-Qaeda‘s retreat into the virtual world of networks has resulted in the mystification of its organisational structure. Studying the history of this organisation through the perspective of its communication practices can, however, clarify its structure.

An Exploration of Fashion Writing in an Australian Context

Steamed dumplings at Miss Louise: an exploration of fashion writing in an Australian context, aims to look at fashion journalism from an academic, journalistic and creative writer’s point of view.

Analysing characteristics of social media in cultural communication: An investigation of social media use at Museum Victoria

Social media is increasingly transforming cultural communication frameworks in museums and is representative of the shift in museum ideology over recent years. The thesis contextualises social media use in cultural heritage through a case study on Museum Victoria, examining its social media use and illustrating the value of this form of communication for museums.

BLINK: Tackling the communication flux within the Asia-Pacific region

This research project examines cross-cultural advertising and communication in the Asia-Pacific region. It looks at the issues and concerns raised by industry practitioners through a series of interviews, centred around several main threads.

Bouncing into Gymnastics: A Public Relations Campaign for Gymnastics Victoria

Gymnastics Victoria (GV) has identified the need to create a communications strategy in order to support the integration of a new non-corporate mascot into gym programs and events, and in order to ensure that the mascot is used to its full potential in promoting and maintaining short and long terms goals.

Broken Bodies and Time: An examination of formal and narrative deterritorialisation in the cinema

Kristevan abjection and the Deleuzian conception of creation exhibited by time-image cinemas can both be seen as deterritorialisation mechanisms in that they contradict notions of stable identities. Abjection violates physical or institutional structures, presenting am ambiguity that undermines definition through a process of destabilistion.

Children's Live Action Drama

With the creation of a new digital channel for children, there is industry concern that it will become a dumping ground for repeats and international productions. It has been recognised that in order for the initiative to have value, the number of new children’s television programs being produced in Australia for Australian children needs to increase.

Contemporary Continuity: Old Practice, New Technology

The professional practice of Continuity Supervising is engaged in a co-existence between its traditional responsibilities and the new on-set technologies that the role is often encouraged to employ. At present, current texts do not address this co-existence; they examine only the more traditional practices.

Cross Cultural Advertising - Human Rights

When launching an advertising campaign with multi-cultural audiences, some advertisers, tend to forget the fact that they are dealing with more than one culture; especially when dealing with sensitive issue such as racism against international students where every culture experience and deal with this matter differently.

Cultural Hybridism in Taiwanese Television Variety Shows

This thesis will explore how Taiwanese variety television show 娛樂百分百 Yú Lè Bǎi Fēn Bǎi (YLBFB) absorbs and reflects local and regional cultural forms through sustained strategic hybridism.

Curbing the Epidemic: A Study into the Promotion of Childhood Health

Australian children are damaging their health by not spending enough time exercising and making poor nutritional choices. This is the result of an increaseing reliance on digital technology (computers, video games, music devices) to fulfil entertainment and communicative needs, coupled with a lack of education around physical activity and proper nutrition.

Digital Radio Broadcasting in the Community Sector

How will two key players in Melbourne’s community radio sector adjust to the inception of digital broadcasting?

Public and commercial radio have been quick to adapt to the new technology and have begun to venture into digital domain In comparison to community radio who has not yet embraced digital radio having a unique funding system and specific broadcasting values.

Disability and the Press

There are no enforceable print journalism guidelines in Victoria on how to write about disability in an accurate and appropriate way. While systems of care have changed over the past 30 years, it is argued that a lack of knowledge in journalism about what language should be used, can lead to outdated disability-focused reporting.

Documentary Convergence

The convergence of the media is changing the practice of documentary filmmaking. The shift in content distribution that arises from this raises interesting questions about the way stories are told and how technology overall affects the delivery and impact of documentaries.

Don't Try This At Home: Television for Australian Children Aged Eight to Ten

This project was interested in examining what could be an example of a ‘quality’ Australian Children’s television program. Limited research exists, which demonstrates what is important to take into consideration when creating a children’s television production.

Film Festivals in the Emerging Emirates

The emerging Emirates, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, have established two international film festivals in the last seven years, attracting global attention to the development of “high profile events with budgets in the $10 million range”.

Flanear: wwsssSHP wanderings through ethnographic soundscapes and Web 2.0

Hobnobbing with the most bitter of postmodern cynics, musical aesthetics have plateaued and dulled; the search for that new sound proves to be fruitless, if not at least unconvincing. Bodies gigue mechanically to the orchestras of CBDs, indifferent to Luigi Russolo’s celebration of the human capacity for culturally attuned listening, where the potential musicality of noise resides.

Format Wars: Developing a multiple format publishing model for independent comic book creators.

The creation and publication of media objects has been altered significantly with the emergence of new media technologies, providing fresh challenges to media makers across a range of mediums, including the comic book.

Future of Food

The project is a series of four articles, and one shorter story, written specifically for ‘Epicure’, the food and wine section of The Age newspaper. They were published on August 28, October 2 and October 23 (three articles).

GetUp!: A Digital Media Communication Strategy

The research problem examined in this honours project considers Generation Y's perceived lack of knowledge with regard to a key social advocacy issue. It is often suggested members of Generation Y do not engage with social advocacy issues, yet it can be argues this perceived indifference is a response to a lack of relevantly disseminated information.

Group120 Streetwise: Social Media and Community Making

GROUP120 is a music project spearheaded by the Doutta Galla Community Health Services in Melbourne, Australia, as an effort to bring together youths from different cultural backgrounds through hiphop music. The group is named after their original home at the Flemington high-rise estate at 120 Racecourse Road, and prides itself in using music as a positive outlet for their creative energies.

Home Movies: Reel Time

Home movies have escaped the domestic confines of family gatherings, lounge-room walls and dark cupboards, to enjoy a renaissance within contemporary, image-saturated society. Why this relatively recent shift in attitude and representation of historical home movie footage within media production and archival practice?

Immersion Journalism

Immersion journalism uses personal experience as a method of research. This project consists of two pieces of feature writing using immersion as a journalistic methodology. These pieces are written for the “inspiring, nurturing, informing and empowering” magazine, Living Now. Journalism theory in relation to professional practice is contentious.

Industry Expectations of Public Relations Graduate's Web 2.0 capabilities

With Web 2.0 increasingly growing in importance as an influential medium, Australian public relations practice has to adapt to stay up to date with these new technologies. As social media grows in prevalence, industry expectations of public relations graduates are also changing.

Into the UGC - A Study of the Interaction Between Broadcasters and Participatory Cultures

As Radio National pursues its online, networked media presence, it is engaging in the same media landscape as participatory cultures do, changing its relationship between the audience or uses and the broadcaster. As there is no precedent for this type of model, the ABC doesn’t know how to engage with their users, posing a problem with the formula of production.

Invisible Ties of Mobile Technology

Due to the ubiquitous nature of mobile technologies, conceptual communications in a market economy have underestimated the impact of these technologies on both explicit and implicit communications. From these communications certain issues arise, should emphasis be placed on the effective use of the mediums technologies or the effective use of communications on the medium.

Is That Smoker's Cough?

Is that Smoker's Cough? And Other Fun Filled Stories Bought to You by Your Favourite Social Networks.

Judging Books by Their Covers

Books as we know them now will shortly become obsolete for many purposes. This is a problem for all those who love the physical form of the book. The only way books will continue to survive in anything like their current form will be as luxury objects, similar to art. It is the myth of the book that will perpetuate its continued existence, albeit in a different way to what we know now.

Knowlege Trails: Social Media in Support of Communities of Practice

Parks Victoria consists of a multitude of members that have a wide variety of expertise in different aspects of parks management, but due to the diversity of skills, and the geographical distribution of the organization, there is no easy way of finding out what information each person possesses.

Korean Pop Culture and New Masculinity in Singapore

Whereas once scholars of gender argued for an understanding of hegemonic masculinity, more recently Connell’s theory on hegemonic masculinity is nowadays not seen amongst young Chinese males in the twenty-first century in Singapore.

Let's Do the Time Step Again

"Let's Do the Time Step Again" looks at the implications of media form on the ways that content is produced and received.

Life is Messy: An Exploration of Parallel Storytelling

“Parallel narrative” films depicting several main protagonists and intertwining plotlines are becoming increasingly prevalent in mainstream Hollywood cinema. These complex narratives “present[s] a particular craft challenge” (Bordwell 2006c, pg. 99) to contemporary screenwriters.

Lost Memories: Wong Kar-Wai's "In the Mood For Love" and "2046"

Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Kar-Wai describes his two most recent films “In The Mood For Love” (2000) and “2046” (2004) as “two films with two different approaches that act like a mirror for each other”1. This thesis attempts to ascertain in what capacity “2046” can be interpreted as a ‘companion piece’ to “In The Mood For Love”.

Making Public Service Broadcasting Attractive in Brunei

This thesis examines Radio Television Brunei Media Carnival, a promotional strategy developed to help promote Radio Television Brunei (RTB) to audiences in Brunei Darussalam.

Media Masters

There is a gap in knowledge between media students and the media industry. With the development of an RMIT Masters of Communication (Media) program, we can create ways to close this gap and prepare beneficial industry pathways for students. The Masters of Communication (Media) program will also give students the (cross-platform) skills that are currently in demand by the industry.

Mobile Networked Media

As the reach and accessibility of mobile communication technology increases - with the wide implementation of 3G cellular networks and a variety of handsets – the demand for rich content for portable devices will also rise.

Mobile Travel Guides

Since 2006, the Korean version of Lonely Planet was out of print in South Korea because it was a too text-centralised travel guidebook for Korean travellers. They need a more visual-centric travel guide that has not only short explanations with a few photos about each location but many more images.

Moving Forward, Looking Back and Being In-Between

This research project is about my exploration of the process of identity reconstruction that takes place in my personal experience of social and cultural transition of moving to another country. My objective is to explore how my sense of identity is reconstructed through a multi-layered approach using video, photography, and hypermedia.

Moving pictures: The translation of culture from Hong Kong Cinema to Hollywood

The cultures portrayed in films are lost in translation when the big Hollywood studios buy the rights and remake these movies.

My Accented Lens: A Film Project Exploring Asian-Australian Filmmaking

The purpose of this project was for me to develop a number of stories and ideas that I could further develop upon and expand into bigger projects after the conclusion of my studies. The central driving theme that I wanted to explore in these stories was the idea of being Asian‐Australian.

Passport to the World

In an era of increasing global competition it is imperative that organisations have well researched communication strategies. To promote a product or service abroad, an organisation should clearly understand the political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors that may affect the success of the campaign.

Poetry Online

This thesis identifies aspects of an ideal poetry website. The way poems are defined and various poetry criticism positions poetry as an artform that takes advantage and references the medium through which it is produced. This reveals that poets tend to write with the dominant medium of the time.

Public: Exploring Australian Women's Magazines

This practice-led research of magazine feature writing aims to re-negotiate the idea of the Australian women’s magazine. Born out of dissatisfaction with current commercial Australian women’s magazine this study looks toward niche publications such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and The Monthly as inspiration for combining two fields of interest – fashion and politics – in one publication.

Publicising the news: publicity and Australian commercial television news

The pursuit of profit is contributing to a decline in the quality of commercial television news. Existing research attests that this compromises the ability of members of Western liberal democracies, like Australia, to gather the information necessary to make informed and balanced decisions about the way they are governed.

Re-Inventing Journalism

Many media companies were created in the age of print journalism and have found that in the transition to digital they have clung to aspects of the past. It is argued that as a result of this process, many companies fail to think about the best journalistic practice in the 21st century and are ignoring (major) innovation as a means of survival.

Remember Madoka: Transgressing the Magical Girl

The purpose of this thesis is to investigate how the Japanese anime series Puella Magi Madoka Magica both confirms and transgresses the conventions of the magical girl genre. Genres shift as audiences, creators and critics develop, mature and reform.

Rethinking Journalism Through Documentary Modes

The journalism landscape is constantly changing, with new technologies and mediums re-defining the relationship between the news media and the public.

San: The Short Script

This project explored the creative writing practice of screenwriting. How do I write an engaging thirty minute short film script?

Given the number of published approaches to writing for screen, combined with the personal nature of creative writing, research without practice cannot truly determine how an individual can write an engaging film of any length.

Seeing Stars: The Relationship Between Celebrities and Advertising

Today’s media landscape is heavily infiltrated by advertising with the pressure of branding being virtually inescapable within society. It seems as though everywhere we look we are bombarded with thousands of advertising images and messages per day, all of which provide insight into culture and society.


In 2004, Yasmin Ahmad launched her 2nd film Sepet, which drew much international attention and also eased a previous dearth of authentic Malaysian cinema. Known for her use of evocative storylines and sentimentalist themes, Sepet similarly portrays pristine interracial relationships.

Social Network Advertising: Marketing Online Personas

The Internet is the perfect, ever present marketplace that is accessible to anyone with a connection, anywhere in the world. Netizens have learnt to create alternate online identities to represent themselves. I wish to explore how businesses can take advantage of creating their own online persona and then marketing it through Social Network Advertising.

Soundscape Noise Machines

Despite the apparent occurrence and development of culturally attuned ears coping with contemporary urban and digital soundscapes, there remains within this environment unwanted and personally obtrusive noises. Aural preferences that are subconscious or conditioned are both difficult and timely to achieve, but a quick fix to aural disturbances are only ever temporary.

Spinning the Bottle

Young Australian wine drinkers are lost in a fog of up to 14,000 wineries and 5,000 different bottles of wine when walking into a major liquor store. A challenge for PR practitioners in the wine industry is creating a message, both educational and informative, that resonates with this demographic.

Still in Motion: A Video Translation of the Video Essay

Through a program of practice-based research, I investigate how the documentary photo-essay can be translated into a video form. Undertaking such a project will enable me to both combine the approaches of a still and moving-image practice, as well as exploring the integration of interaction and the spatial arrangement of video.

Striving for Joint Goals: The ABC and Emergency Services in Victoria

The Australian landscape has long been subject to extreme weather conditions. The harsh climate of the outback along with dense vegetation and remote rural regions create the ideal setting for bushfires and other such emergencies.

Successfully Communicating Administration and Fundraising Overheads to INGO Donors

There is a proven perception among a significant proportion of individual donors that for International Non-Governmental Organisations (INGOs), lower administration and fundraising overheads equate to a better organisation.

Taking communications seriously: The need for a public relations consultancy catering to Victoria’s nonprofit sector

To provide an analysis of the relevance and value of a public relations consultancy catering to Victoria’s nonprofit sector. Public relations campaigns and activities can be implemented at low cost, making it suitable and valuable for nonprofit organisations.

Teresa: The Feminine Universe and the Divine

We need to reconfigure the relationships between woman and world, woman and god, woman and father, woman and man in order to move into a new age of more fluid and ethical relationships.

The B-Side Story of music

Music forms part of our daily activities and a part of our daily news diet. There is more to music than it being a mere product on the shelves of music stores, as it helps us express ourselves and express the ways we view social, cultural, political issues.

The Caribs

The Caribs Capers is a documentary that traces the history of an Australian R’n’B band that in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s had a major influence on the Jamaican music industry. The documentary explores the adventure, personalities, talents and times of the Caribs and early Jamaican music through a series of interviews conducted by both Lloyd Dewar (from PBS 106.7FM) and myself.

The Evolution of Eddie the 'Ead

Iron Maiden album covers all feature distinctly different artwork and incarnations of the band’s mascot Eddie. Over 30 years and fourteen covers, the only facet that remains steady is the typeface of the band’s name. The changing of the covers reflects the changes within the band, and also the shifting historical and theoretical approaches to metal.

The Internet as a Potential Democratic Power: The Case of China

The Chinese government has tried to control the Internet in the same way as how the traditional media is being controlled in China. Despite the many regulations issued by the Chinese government in its attempt to control the Internet, the decentralised nature of the Internet makes it an impossible task.

The Maremma in Words

This research project involves the somewhat unique development of a travel guide for a currently little-known Italian region called the Maremma. The modern guidebook is not necessarily confined to providing directions and recommendations. There are now many forms of travel guides that cross a number of writing disciplines, from creative non-fiction to geographical studies.

The Melbourne Dérive

I’m researching the role, benefits and features of podcasts and how to incorporate journalism techniques into a 12 episode serial. I don’t think mainstream media is embracing new online media as much as they can. In order to keep readers/listeners/viewers engaged mass media has to go online.

The Unreality House: Investigating a Podcast Drama Aesthetic

The podcast, in relation to radio drama, is often seen as an alternative delivery platform rather than a medium with conventions that offer unique narrative opportunities. Consequently, podcast radio drama is often difficult to differentiate from broadcast radio drama in terms of how it is narratively-structured and produced.

The Videogame as Prosthetic Imagination

We’re used to thinking of a narrative as a pathway: it moves from beginning to end in a predetermined route, chosen by the author, that gives the story a shape and a meaning for the audience. The popular understanding of a story, whether it’s told in film, books or television, is defined by this journey along a single pathway.

Voices from the Waterfront

Many people are unaware of the stories of those who have worked at Melbourne's Docklands throughout this city's long industrial history. Neglect or disinterest means many people can't appreciate an important element of Melbourne's heritage — the seaport and the industry it has provided.

Walking with Ghosts

William Cooper, a pioneering Aboriginal rights activist, was the first Australian to lodge a protest with the German Embassy against Kristallnacht, and in doing so, brokered a link between his own struggle for human rights and the genocidal persecution against the Jews in Europe.

When Media Is Used as a Weapon: Identifying and Combating Cyberbulling in Australian Schools

Cyber bullying amongst school students has become an increasing issue in how it impacts on young people’s development and education. The problem is important because many educators, students and parents are finding it difficult to identify and prevent cyber bullying.

“Enjoy LA”: The Cinematic Representation of Los Angeles in Michael Mann’s Collateral

Michael Mann’s films have taken their place alongside the most dynamic and singular representations of modern urban environments within the cinema.

This thesis analyses Michael Mann’s representation of Los Angeles (LA) within his 2004 film, Collateral.