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Labsome Student Has Film in Festival

The Media Graduate and Honours student, Jim Elson-John has a documentary screening in the St Kilda Film Festival in the Top 100 Shorts competition.

GIVEN EVERYTHING: A celebration of influential Australian Musician Maurice Frawley. From the humble beginnings of country life we see the profound effect of one man's music.

Design Hub Online Documentary

Proposed honours project - Design Hub Online Documentary

Producer/Supervisor: Seth Keen,

Direct Applications to Apply for Honours

The direct application form that you need to complete to apply for the Bachelor of Communication Honours program is available from the infoCorner on the city campus at RMIT, or online at;ID=n4f72im3mswaz

2010 Information Session Slides

Attached are the slides from the talk I gave on Tuesday evening to those interested in finding out more about honours. Some of the questions from the night:

Q. Does it make any difference when you apply if you want to do a project or thesis?
A. No, there is no attempt to balance anything, and you don't even need to propose a topic or project when you apply.

Q. Who can supervise you?

2011 Applications

The first round of applications for the Bachelor of Communication Honours program closes on November 10, 2010 for 2011 places. What this means is that the honours selection officer is sent all applications that have been received by the 10th, and offers are then made.

How Much Does Honours Cost?

The Bachelor of Communication Honours program uses the same 'funding model' as the Bachelor of Communication undergraduate courses. This means that there are a limited number of Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP) provided for local students, and so the costs you will incur are the same as you have during your degree.

2010 Information Session

An information session for prospective students about the Bachelor of Communication (Honours) program will be held in Building 9, Level 2, room 6 (9.2.6), from 5.30pm on Tuesday, September 21.

RSVP to Adrian Miles

There will be a presentation followed by Q and A.

Closing Dates for Applying for 2010

The university has provided the closing dates for applying for the Bachelor of Communication (Honours) program. The closing date is November 10, 2009. You apply directly to the university, using their Direct Applications Form (this page here has more on how to apply).

Telstra Graduate Program

Sarah Lawry, 2009 labsome Professional Communication graduate, has recently commenced work at Telstra as part of their graduate program. Congratulations Sarah!

What is Labsome, The 2009 Pitch

Below you will find a link to the pdf of the slides to be used for this year's honours information session. It is much the same as previous years with minor changes.

2010 Information Session

An information session for students interested in the B.Comm Honours program in 2010 is being held on Wednesday, September 23rd at 5.30pm. It will be held in Building 4, Level 5, Room 6 on the city campus of RMIT University. The session will be run by the acting Program Director of the B.Comm honours program, Rachel Wilson.

2010 Program Changes

UPDATE: The proposed changes listed below are no longer being considered and so it is anticipated that the existing Bachelor of Communication (Honours) programs will continue in their current format (Journalism, Public Relations, Media, Advertising, Professional Communication).

Update on Places for 2009

As per the previous entry, the first round of offers have been made. If you applied, and receive an offer, then the letter will indicate a deadline by which you must enrol. Enrolling is how you accept the offer. If you do not enrol by the required deadline then you will NO LONGER BE ELIGIBLE for honours as your place will then be offered to someone else.

Offers for 2009

Offers for those who have applied for places in 2009 have been made. This means of those who have applied selections have been made and then these will be entered into the appropriate systems. This means letters should be arriving shortly indicating whether or not you have received a place in labsome for 2009.

2009 Applications

Applications for the 2009 labsome cohort closed on November 10th. This does not mean that you cannot apply, this is just a deadline after which all applications received by that date are collated, and then delivered for selection decisions to be made. (So, if you haven't applied but think you'd like to do honours in 2009, you really do need to apply urgently.)

2009 Program Information Guides

The Program Information Guide (aka PIG) for honours is now available on the official school website. The guide contains all the key information about subjects and the program structure for each of the honours streams in labsome. Check the school program info web page for the pdf.

2009 Closing Date

Closing date for honours is November 10, 2008. However, you can apply after this date, but from this date I will be making offers until all the places (10 full time places for 2009) are allocated. More details about the application process is available.

Honours Pitch This Time Around

Below you will find a link to the pdf (actually I usually present it via Keynote) that is a brief introduction, come pitch, to labsome. Questions to adrian dot miles at rmit dot edu dot au if you're interested, and yes we take students from anywhere (if you're good enough).

Video Editing Resources

If an honours project involves video editing then we currently provide you with an external hard drive and you have access to the school's edit suites. There are currently 11 fully equipped Final Cut Studio suites and honours students can book them for up to six hours at a time.

Tips From Old Hands

Each year I ask current students what are the key tips they would give to new students. Here they are:

  • do your elective in semester one
  • have a clear idea of what you want to do and why
  • stay healthy, look after yourself
  • be prepared to go part time to cope with the work load
  • make sure you like what you choose to work on

Is There An Information Session?

An information session for prospective honours students will be held during Semester Two each year. The session for 2010 will be in Building 9, Level 2, room 6 (9.2.6), at 5.30pm on Tuesday, September 21.

The presentation will be about honours and followed by Q and A.

Information Session

An information session for prospective honours students will be held at 5.30pm on Tuesday September 23, 2008. The session will be in Building 4, Level 5, room 1 (4.5.6) which you can access from the top of building 4 or half a flight from the top of building 6. A presentation about honours will be made followed by Q and A.

Is There Mid Year Entry?

Mid year entry refers to being able to enrol and begin honours in semester two of any given academic year. Currently labsome does not have a mid year option, and it is unlikely to do so in the next few years.

What Computer Facilities are Available

Within the labsome studio we have 5 iMacs and 5 macintosh towers. These are shared by all students (with individual logins). These you have access to 24/7. Two of these computers have Final Cut Studio installed.

Is There A Program Guide or Brochure?

There is now an 'enrolment program structure' which describes the subjects you need to do. It is available via:;ID=2hlfu2ri4fw1

You need to search for your particular program so searching for any of:

  • BH053
  • BH054
  • BH055
  • BH056
  • BH057

How Do I Apply?

Directly to RMIT. Application to the Bachelor of Communication Honours program is by direct entry to RMIT University.

Is There Support for Students From Outside of Australia?

Yes. International Student Information and Support is the major RMIT contact and support point for international students. See for information and details.

Current at February 2008.

When Does Semester Start?

The Bachelor of Communication (Honours) follows the undergraduate, Higher Education, academic calendar. It consists of two twelve week semesters. Semester one begins in the first half of the calendar year, and semester two is completed in the second half of the calendar year.

If I don't have a degree in Public Relations, Journalism or Advertising can I do honours?

Yes, but not in those disciplines. The Bachelor of Communication (Honours) program provides a fourth year in Journalism, Public Relations, Media, Professional Communication and Advertising. If you do not have a suitable undergraduate degree in journalism, public relations, or advertising you cannot do honours in these streams.

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