Documentary Convergence


The convergence of the media is changing the practice of documentary filmmaking. The shift in content distribution that arises from this raises interesting questions about the way stories are told and how technology overall affects the delivery and impact of documentaries.


Through this blog-based documentary about Catholic Priest Fr. John Gavan Fitzpatrick, I aim to explore the extent to which embracing the affordances of technological convergence has the potential to improve documentary film production, increase audience engagement and sustain the relevance of documentary film in today’s society.

Telling a story usually adapted to conventional formats such as novels and films in a blog, will help experiment with and determine the effectiveness documentary storytelling in online, converged environments.

A year ago I was approached by a good friend to write a special story. The thought of writing a novel at this stage of my life- with the passion but limited experience- was overwhelming and simply daunting. I just somehow felt that I was called to do so.
Fr. John Gavan Fitzpatrick is the true heart of this project. He has entrusted me with his story and it is only right for me to find a way to share it. With the slow and competitive process of book publishing, it became obvious that technology would help me get this up off the ground much more efficiently.

I believe in the significance of this project, not only for its personal sentiment but also because of its potential to experiment with documentary storytelling in online spaces, within the augmentation of media convergence in this digital age.
The Internet has moved beyond linear, conventional forms of storytelling, and it is the subsequent ‘fragmentation’ of the way information is distributed nowadays that needs to be addressed and reflected upon.

It is justified to say that storytelling will forever be relevant, it is simply the ever-changing ways in which stories are told that will define their continual impact and meaning in our lives.

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