Kristofor Lawson

Kristofer Lawson

My name is Kristofor Lawson and I am a 2010 Journalism honours student at RMIT. I have completed bachelor’s degrees in both journalism from the Queensland University of Technology (2009) and Interactive Entertainment (Animation) from QANTM College (2007). Both of my degrees have focused on telling stories effectively in ways which both engage and captivate an audience. I have had a deep interest since my early teens in quality storytelling. No amount of cool visual effects can make up for a bad story, and I wholeheartedly believe that a well told story is the key to making any production a success. My journalism work has been broadcast and published in various forms by several organisations including the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, The Walkley Magazine, and QUT News. I have also previously worked as the web master for the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation in Brisbane. My professional interests also include blogging about multimedia journalism through MediaFire ( and I am very active on Twitter (@kristoforlawson).