Eira Aringay

Eira Aringay

I have been fascinated by the world of entertainment since a very early age - music was always one of my greatest passions, movies nurtured my imagination and television quickly became a prime source of amusement.

It was later in my teens that I decided I would pursue a career in this exciting, fast-paced, competitive industry, initially setting my heart on journalism but eventually discovering my knack for filmmaking.

I graduated from the Media degree at RMIT in 2006, majoring in Cinema Studies and specialising in Film & Television Production. I spent the next year seeking avenues to apply my skills, freelancing as a producer on several corporate projects, working as a production assistant at 774 ABC Melbourne local radio, and volunteering within the community to broaden my experience.

Time off from study also gave me the chance immerse myself in music, a love that was somewhat neglected during the three years of my degree. I am grateful that I took the opportunity to grow as a musician; it was so rejuvenating to escape into my passion for song writing and performing again.

Throughout all of this, my interest in the art of storytelling blossomed, and I now look forward with greater optimism to ways in which I am able to use the power of the media, most especially film, television and music, to tell stories worth telling, to share my voice, my thoughts and to reach out to people.

So as I return to study to complete Honours in a Bachelor of Communication (Media), I am affirmed in my desires to work in the entertainment industry in one way or another. I hope to use this year to further develop and utilize my communication skills and produce something that will hopefully assist me in finding employment in the field.


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