Andrea Fox

Andrea Fox

My name is Andrea Fox. I graduated with a Bachelor of Communications (Professional Communication) from RMIT University in 2009 and am now back at RMIT, completing my Honours year.

My undergraduate uni course gave me a vast amount of skills across broadcast media, journalism and public relations. But when you learn a bit of everything, you come away feeling like a ‘jack of all trades, master of none’.

Away from study, I’ve worked as a respite carer for people with disabilities for the last three years. My personal experience, as a sibling, and professional experience with all types of intellectual and physical disabilities has given me a completely different set of skills.

It's my hope that I can combine my communication skills and work experience in my Honours year.

My research project aims to compare past representation of people with disabilities with the present, to see how far the media has come. Hopefully, my research will improve future media representations, community awareness and attitudes towards people with disabilities, and how people see themselves.