How Do I Apply?

Directly to RMIT. Application to the Bachelor of Communication Honours program is by direct entry to RMIT University. You complete a direct entry application form (available from the info corner or online as a pdf via the Application forms and supplementary information forms) which should include a description of why you think you would like to do honours in labsome. This is sent to RMIT and your application will be processed.

The Bachelor of Communication (Honours) program is made up of five separate programs (that is five separate honours degrees) and you apply for one of these. The five programs are taught as one (yes, it is kinda confusing), but each of the programs represents one of the Bachelor of Communication degrees. The five programs are:

  • BH053 Bachelor of Communication (Advertising) (Honours)
  • BH054 Bachelor of Communication (Journalism) (Honours)
  • BH055 Bachelor of Communication (Media) (Honours)
  • BH056 Bachelor of Communication (Professional Communication) (Honours)
  • BH057 Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations) (Honours)

You cannot apply for honours in journalism, advertising, or public relations without an undergradaute degree in the same discipline. (Bit more information about this in the faq.)

Applications usually open in October of each year and places are generally filled by late December. An announcement email list is maintained for those interested in applying and is where a reminder is sent about enrolling. If you would like to join the announcement list please send a request to and you will be added.

Current at February 2008.