Direct Applications to Apply for Honours

The direct application form that you need to complete to apply for the Bachelor of Communication Honours program is available from the infoCorner on the city campus at RMIT, or online at;ID=n4f72im3mswaz
It is the Higher Education form that is required. You can now apply, and after November 10 all received direct applications are delivered to me, and selection decisions will be made. Offers made after this will only happen if vacancies remain in the program.

The program codes and names are:
BH053 B.Comm (Advertising) (Hons)
BH054 B.Comm (Journalism) (Hons)
BH055 B.Comm (Media) (Hons)
BH056 B.Comm (Professional Communication) (Hons)
BH057 B.Comm (Public Relations) (Hons)

The Program Information Guide for 2010 Honours is available if you'd like to take a look,;ID=vud0fg63xr5v1 (you need to use your RMIT novell log in to get in).