New Recruits

In the honours program that I run I require students to blog. For those that have come through the media program this is not unexpected, and involves no transition whatsoever. For many others it is quite a bump in their education as they need to address a new technology, with a particular sort of practice, and the move towards public writing. Sandy can see some benefits for her in what she hopes will be her career. The distinction between a personal and what I would call an academic blog is important. A good blog does have some sense of the personal but this does not mean, or have to mean, confessional. If people read my blog they'll eventually figure out I've got kids, one of them is a toddler, I am married, and so on. If they trawl through the archives I guess they'd get even more info, but this is a professional and academic blog. It is mainly about my practice, but I'm someone who thinks practice includes my lived context so that makes its presence felt every now and then too. Rika also thinks this is about the personal, in a personal sort of way. So, a question, how to think about learning to use a blog as a space to document and reflect your professional practice, when this is you as a researcher/student?