2010 Program Changes

UPDATE: The proposed changes listed below are no longer being considered and so it is anticipated that the existing Bachelor of Communication (Honours) programs will continue in their current format (Journalism, Public Relations, Media, Advertising, Professional Communication).

Currently (up to 2009) Labsome consists of 5 separate honours programs, though they are treated in every respect as the same. These are honours programs in Advertising, Media, Journalism, Public Relations and Professional Communication.

From 2010 it is proposed to consolidate these into a single B.Comm Honours. That's it, no specialisation afterwards. This makes a lot of things much simpler for everybody, and makes absolutely no difference to what you do in honours.

However, what it does mean is that if you start in 2009, and finish in 2010, you would receive the B.Comm Honours and not B.Comm Honours (some thing). This applies to part time students, those who may have to repeat a course, or who take a leave of absence.