Update on Places for 2009

As per the previous entry, the first round of offers have been made. If you applied, and receive an offer, then the letter will indicate a deadline by which you must enrol. Enrolling is how you accept the offer. If you do not enrol by the required deadline then you will NO LONGER BE ELIGIBLE for honours as your place will then be offered to someone else.

If you applied after the closing date and did not receive an offer (or a rejection) then your application will be considered and will be placed in a list for second round offers. Second round offers will only be made if places remain in labsome after the deadline for enrolment.

For 2009 there were more applications than places in the first round, and applications are continuing to arrive. Late applications are ranked on academic merit, and not on date of application. So you can still apply, but at this point I do not know if places will become available.