Offers for 2009

Offers for those who have applied for places in 2009 have been made. This means of those who have applied selections have been made and then these will be entered into the appropriate systems. This means letters should be arriving shortly indicating whether or not you have received a place in labsome for 2009.

Now, I am not allowed to let anyone know individually if they have, or have not been successful. (This is partly due to privacy laws and partly to make sure it is left to the official process.) If all those who are made offers take up those places, and do not defer, then there will be no more Commonwealth Supported Places (HECs) available. However, it is rare that all students offered a full time place take it, or take it then defer, or go part time. This means that if you applied late, or have not applied yet, it does not mean that you may not get an offer. No more offers will be made until mid January, which is when I will know how many students have enrolled, and in turn if any places remain.